A and S Cable Systems

Service with a difference


About Us

A and S Cable Systems, established in 2002, is an entertainment, communications, technology and related service provider. Our company is a South African BEE compliant company. The company started has a DSTV service provider in KZN, over the years the company has grown its business into an electronic technology driven company. With our main offices in KZN, Gauteng and Western Cape. The company has a host of experienced technicians and offer its services through contracting, subcontracting and joint ventures.

The company is driven by its customers needs and wants to operate efficiently and effectively in a very dynamic enviroment in which partnerships and joint ventures have become the accepted norm. The competitiveness of the market dictates new challenges, demands ad requests,therefore it is imperative that we do not be complacent. The company has built a good relationship with its stakeholders over the years. We have handled numerous projects for the government over the past 8 years. This was done throughout South Africa and we have had positive feedback.

With regard to our social responsibility the company also supports social upliftment programmes both internally and externally. We aggressively partake in skills development programmes with the emphasis on training.